I have been performed bamboo massage each month. I have experienced amazing relaxation and tightness. The team is awesome!!!

Aslı K.

If Doctor Bulent opens a clinic, that would be just like that! It is very beautiful, clean, peaceful clinic

Berna T.

There is an expression called lunchtime aesthetic, it is exactly true. I am coming and going out by finishing my job.

Mehtap C.

I have been performed hair mesotherapy. They are so interested and specialist. I am very glad.

Sedat P.

They provide you VIP service while you are in the clinic. I had gone to aesthetic clinics in different places of the World. But here really makes difference.

Ayşen F.

Go shopping, go to Botox upstairs, get bamboo massage performed. It is an amazing place in the center of Istanbul. I am going out by thanking a lot each time. By the way, your beauty tea is AWESOME!!!

Peri M.

There is a team that acts you like queen when you come inside even your tea is served in antique cups! No need to talk about devices, techniques and applications. I am very glad and love you all.

Nur B.

This center is where we come frequently since it was opened. As a location and practices, it is extremely effective.

Belkıs N.

It is an aesthetic base where I have definitely stopped by each month and become a regular here by bringing my friends. So glad I have you!

Burcu L.