The antiaging treatmnets are doing in Doctor B Clinic

Nose filler

Until a few years ago, when we had an non-aesthetic appearance of our nose, the first thing that came to mind was nasal aesthetic, nor nasal filling, as it was the only option. But with the increas... Read More

Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA “Youth Vaccine” is a kind of rejuvenation treatment. It has cellular repair properties to improve the appearance of aging skin. Now we all know that as we get older, our skin... Read More

Under eye filler

For many people, both the young and the elderly, the eye contour, including the eye area, is extremely important. Because the eye environment is the first place where communication is established i... Read More

Plasma Energy

In aesthetic medicine and rejuvenation therapies, Plasma Energy , which works with plasma which is considered as the fourth state of matter, is an application which is used especially in soft ... Read More

Spider Web Aesthetics

Spider web aesthetics is a non-operative skin beautification technique developed by Doctor B, patented by European Patent Institution. It does not affect social life and is a painless and comforted... Read More


UltraFormer is a new treatment type by using sound waves to go into deep layers of the skin, empowering current structure and also stimulating collagen mechanism to provide mainly tightness and dyn... Read More


It is an application performed like radiofrequency energy is transferred into deep layers of the skin. The production of collagen and elastin in dermis is triggered and by doing so, it does not dam... Read More


PRP is a treatment that putting available blood cells in our body out, purifying those from tissue-generative substances and placing them into skin. The purpose of PRP is to reach unfeeding tissues... Read More


Vitamin, amino acids, mineral and many beneficial mixtures that are necessary for skin are applied with mentioning method via thin-pinned needles. Skin begins to regenerate by embodying the content... Read More

Dermal Fillers

Bones, fat and muscle tissue that decrease and lose in time lead to specific fall, wrinkle and flabbiness on face. Filler substances create perfect filling function by replacing decreasing volume l... Read More

Lip filler

It is an application type that can be performed on men and women who are not satisfied with structure, shape and humidity of their lips. With lip fillers, volume can be added in lips, the shape of ... Read More


Botox is most used application and that can be injected non-operatively. The purpose of botox is to keep dynamic muscle movements stable and therefore to stop the wrinkles. In addition to the most ... Read More


Dermaplaning is similar to dermabraison application. The operation is performed by removing upper layer of skin with the help of a small tool. The purpose of application and idea process is to prov... Read More