Bamboo Massage

It is a deep tissue. The technique used in bamboo massage and its structure are very effective to relax people and create sensitivity sense and it is an innovative method to roll and remold tissue. Bamboo massage is also used as a strong preventive therapy to overcome today stress and many emotional and physical problems. In addition to protecting you from stress and anxiety, it is known that it recovers the tissue of your skin. It accelerates blood circulation. With this feature, it presents a perfect cellulitis treatment. Cellulitis is a mesoderm skin disease and the treatment applied on mesoderm helps make the skin get rid of orange appearance and smooth. In addition, it relieves the pain of neck, shoulder and back. It increases sleep quality and helps insomnia. It increases intellectual activity and recovers depression. It increases lymphatic drainage and helps excrete toxins from body, it treats cellulitis and prevents it. It re-reveals natural cure skills of body. It rejuvenates skin and most importantly it is highly effective on thin wrinkles.


What is the Bamboo massage?

It is a massage technique performed with bamboo sticks by arranging subcutaneous lymph tissue, muscle and fat distribution and performed with stimulations on pressure points like compression, Rolling and crushing and it is performed only in DoctorB Clinic in turkey.

Why is Bamboo?

Because bamboo has oval, firm, antibacterial functions and renewable resource it is preferred in this massage. Bamboo is a plant structure used during massage for centuries and that has natural recovery features. It creates a smooth surface on the skin.

What are the advantages of it?
  • It is used in cellulitis treatment in particular
  • It prevents post-liposuction fluctuation
  • The shape where face is made with small heights are beneficial on the lines
  • It makes you relaxed and makes the body formed
Is there anything that I should do before bamboo massage?

It is going to be a good idea not to stodge. As in all the massages, it is important to drink water a lot later.

Can I do exercises later?

Yes, you can. As in any massage, firstly start slowly to get warm and go back to routine slowly later.