Turn Back Time with a Liquid Facelift

Can you look young for ten years without going under the knife or without any surgery? Now with Liquid face lift it is possible!

Liquid Facelift is a less expensive alternative to non-inv... Read More

We are against gravity!

If you're reading the Doctor B Clinic blog, you probably know what hyaluronic acid is and how to avoid gravity with these anti-aging fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a content that we offer our pati... Read More

Discover the beauty secret of Nefertiti!

Many of us invest in our skin and hope to look younger than it actually form. However, the neck area is always neglected in this process and as a result, the signs of aging are starting to show fas... Read More

Rejuvenate with Salmon DNA Therapy!

Salmon milk is obtained from salmon, an open and deep sea fish. This milk has the same chemical and biological structure as human DNA. Salmon DNA is highly effective in repairing a number of incomp... Read More

Moisture vaccine for better quality and younger skin

Dull, moisture-free, and tired-looking skin is often exposed to the sun, active or passive cigarette, or other lifestyle conditions that adversely affect the skin. Moreover, as they age, the basic ... Read More

Refresh your eyes with light fill under the eye!

As the aging continues, the appearance of our face changes. Some problem areas under the eye are becoming more apparent and an undesirable appearance of tiredness occurs. The bruises under the eyes... Read More

Non-surgical Eyelid Treatment With Vivid Looks

As we age, we observe the most deformation in the eye area and around the eyes. Fine lines around the eyes, sagging and bloating, even the biggest problem of the face that appears young. This is an... Read More

Chin fillers to Improve Your Face Contour

As with other facial features, our jaws are in different shapes and sizes. A well defined contour creates a pleasant balance between your right chin, nose, neck and cheeks. In contrast, a recessed ... Read More

Care Tips For Your Skin

Acne, blemishes, wrinkles… We're worried that we have a lot of reasons to complain to our skin. There are many products and applications in the market today to resolve these concerns, bu... Read More

Renew Your Skin With Plaxpot Plasma Energy!

Our skin can undergo different forms of form loss over time. Especially cracks, wrinkles, marks, spots that appear on the skin surface are extremely annoying because they can produce worse results ... Read More

Unfiltered Beauty!

We have been using this expression since 2016. ”Unfiltered Beauty“. Selfie madness, which is formed by the day-to-day trend of social media, has brought the issue of filter into the age... Read More

How Can You Look Younger Without Surgery

It is not possible to prevent aging, but it's easy to be the best of the age, with non-surgical applications!

Individuals ranging from 30 to 60 years of age are constantly trying to f... Read More

Tight, Smooth, Cellulite-free with Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage is an effective non-surgical alternative to body shaping and cellulite removal. This non-surgical treatment provides optimal stimulation, stretching and pressure to subcutaneous tiss... Read More

Don't be afraid of smiling and making gestures!

Although many people believe that smiling increases facial wrinkles, the process is actually the opposite. Thanks to the smile, the facial muscles move, so that more oxygen is delivered to the area... Read More

Botox Myths, Hear But Don't Believe

Botox is a medical treatment used for wrinkles. We would like to share with you the most frequently asked questions and answers of our visitors coming to Doctor B Clinic.

Botox blocks ner... Read More

How is Solved Panda Eyes?

Every year we help hundreds of patients with personalized methods for treatment of under-eye bruising. These people, who are annoyed by their tired looks, complain about this situation when they co... Read More

Bamboo Massage to Relax

Having a massage on your toned and stressed muscles after intense work life, stressed and exhausted day makes your tiredness disappear. In massage places or homes, the number of massage specialists... Read More

Skin Care Products That are Compatible with Your Skin Type

The need of each skin type is different from each other. Not using proper products may lead to irritation and rash on the skin surface. For that reason, using products that are compatible with our ... Read More

What is the skin filling?

Face is restored by filling deep lines and excavations occurred on the face because of aging or other reasons with filling materials when face contour collapses. Filling materials, depending on the... Read More

A new term is beginning in jowl: Kybella

The company which is eponym of Botox product that is spoken frequently has released a product. Its name is Kybella called Kibele-msi

You knew it right, that was derived from the name of f... Read More