Body Mesotherapy

Body mesotherapy is one of the most effective methods used for persistent regional lipoidosis. Oil burner mesotherapy drugs are injected problematical area and after this injection it is monitored that intracellular fat metabolism has accelerated in addition to the decreasing fat cells. The decreasing fat cells are excreted from body via circulatory system.


What is the body mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a treatment type that the contents of drugs are injected into fat layer and skin by using small needles and various drugs. Especially in body mesotherapy, aesthetical fat is used to prevent cellulitis formation and body form.

How does body mesotherapy work?

Depending on the used drugs, body mesotherapy helps recover venous and lymphatic flow and also it helps digest fat nodule. This is a cellulitis type that is seen more frequently in women than men.

Is body mesotherapy safe?

Yes, it is. It has been used for 40 years but it is advertised recently North America. The frequent adverse effects include local pain or feeling of burning that lasts e few hours and temporary cyanosis may be seen. Itchiness and pain may last a few days after treatment.

Can body Mesotherapy replace Liposuction?

Mesotherapy is a completely different operation than liposuction. Mesotherapy is a non-operative operation and it can be an excellent alternative to delay or meet the need for liposuction. Mesotherapy is very effective for localized oil reservoirs and it can be an alternative for liposuction. We would like you to know that mesotherapy is slower process and liposuction does not show same results as well. Mesotherapy is not a program losing one kilogram but it makes your body formed.

Who cannot have body mesotherapy?
  • Those who are pregnant or try to be pregnant
  • Lactating women
  • Patients who have bleeding problems
  • Insulin patients (i.e. Type 1 diabetes)
  • Patients who have non-treatable HTN or heart failure disease
  • Patients who have kidney or liver diseases
Body Mesotherapy

Body Mesotherapy