Botox is most used application and that can be injected non-operatively. The purpose of botox is to keep dynamic muscle movements stable and therefore to stop the wrinkles. In addition to the most used and favorite wrinkle treatment, it is highly important preventive treatment. Before the lines occur or deepen, you can have botox and succeed to be the best of your age thanks to botox you have 2 times per year.


What is the reason of wrinkles and what is the indication of Botox?
Exposure to sun, smoking, city life, looking screen of computer and cellphone and the process resulted from aging damage your skin. While getting aged, decomposition of collagen and elastin fibers makes thin lines appear on our face and skin power and smooth lost. Botox prevents nerve impulses to reach muscles and thus skin is relaxed and muscle cannot be contracted. This situation causes these lines to soften. Botox® is common used name for botulinum toxin but it is a name of brand. We use FDS-certified Botox in DoctorB Clinic. We always aim to provide best, long-lasting results by using Premium brand.
When can I see the results of Botox treatment?

Relaxation of your muscle will take time. You will be able to observe the difference approximately between 5 days or 2 weeks beginning from your treatment.

How long does the permanence of Botox application take?

This varies from person to person but it continues between three or four months. For this reason, we recommend re-application per four months to live comfortable longer and continuity of the treatment.

How is Botox application performed?

When you arrive at our clinic, anesthetic cream that is narcotizing is applied on the area where Botox will be injected and it is waited for 20 minutes. After it is put out, it is injected with vibration tool.

What should I do after Botox treatment?

We would like you not to bow your head for e few hours, do not exercises for 24 hours and do not take hot vapor bath.

What are the other use of areas of Botox?

Do you know that Botox can be used as an effective treatment for extreme sweating (hyperhidrosis)? Injecting Botox into areas like hands and armpit leads body to sweat and prevents nerve impulses.