Dermal Fillers

Bones, fat and muscle tissue that decrease and lose in time lead to specific fall, wrinkle and flabbiness on face. Filler substances create perfect filling function by replacing decreasing volume losses. In addition to advantages like preventing and collecting wrinkles and flabbiness, it provides fullness for the areas like the lips that are requested to create volume. Thanks to hyaluronic acid in its content, it also creates humidity, vitality and healthy appearance.


What is the reason of deep lines, wrinkles? What are the benefits of fillers?

Your skin slowly loses the collagen that shapes and supports it in time. Exposure to the sun, smoking, air pollution and daily stresses may accelerate aging process. At the end, lines, prolapses and wrinkles develop more quickly. These dermal filler substances have been designed to make us refreshed and they replace the lost collagen.

Who should perform filler treatment?

Dermal fillers can only be performed by high-educated and qualified doctors.

How long is dermal filler permanent?

Permanence and effect of fillers vary from 6 or 24 months on average.

Is filler application painful?

Anesthetic cream is administered on the area where filler application will be performed. No pain will be felt but you can be a little uncomfortable.

How long does filler application operation take?

Treatment usually takes 30-45 minutes.

Does filler application have any adverse effect?

Small swelling or cyanosis may be happen around injections but this usually disappear completely within 48 hours.

When can I leave clinic?

When you feel ready, you can leave DoctorB Clinic.

Is there any necessary care after dermal filler?

Except average 10 days later follow-up appointment, there is no care process.

What are the areas that can be treated with dermal filler substances?

Dermal filler substances can be used as cheek filler, filling to forehead line, filling to glabella structure and filling to acne scar. In addition, it can be used on mouth side lines.