Laser Applications

It is most effective applications used to remove acne stains, post-op scars, burn marks, and skin cracks and most importantly wrinkles. It provides regeneration and freshness by reaching into lower layers of skin at the first shot thanks to wave length given without desquamating skin surface. In DoctorB Clinic, different types, model and wave lengths of laser devices are used.


Does laser regenerate skin?

Laser treatments when they get deep layers of the skin, make deep tunnels without damaging surface. Even it has capability to affect microscopic layers of the skin. The natural recovery of body is affected from laser and the new healthy collagen replaces layers of affected tissue. After it is recovers, skin tissue gets back to normal and lines soften. Results will develop level incrementally and people will continue to see the developments on their skins for e few months after laser treatment. In short, regeneration occur from within and externally.

Who can have laser application?
  • Those who have mild or moderate skin aging,
  • Men or women who have thin lines and wrinkles and mild-level lax skin tone.
  • Those who have tissular problems like traces resulted from acne or other skin injuries as well as skin tone and color
Is it safe?

Laser treatment is one of the most preferred and used for the skin in the World. It continues to safe and effective solution to rejuvenate the skin.

What should I expect from this treatment?

Following the treatment, your skin may be a little rash and swelled. These effects are normal and it shows that the treatment is effective. Rash and swelling disappear within a couple days. While micro tunnels recover, you will feel dry your skin, it is going to be enough to humidify.

Laser Applications

Laser Applications