Lip filler

It is an application type that can be performed on men and women who are not satisfied with structure, shape and humidity of their lips. With lip fillers, volume can be added in lips, the shape of lips can be fixed, asymmetry can be fixed, humidity can be provided for dry and worn lip structure, proportional aesthetical problems between lower and upper lip can be solved. Lip augmentation application which is available in the content of hyaluronic acid that is present naturally as an injection form. The rate of lip is decided in case of personalized planning and it has very significant importance about face integrity volume.


Who can have lip filler?
Those who are not satisfied with the shape and volume of their lips may gain an esthetic appearance via lip filler.
What is in the content of lip augmentation?
Lip filler like all dermal fillers we have used in DoctorB Clinic consist of brands accepted worldwide and by FDA. The content of lip fillers contains hyaluronic acid which is naturally available in our body.
Is lip filler application a safe operation?

If lip augmentation operation is performed by an experienced medical doctor, it is a totally safe operation.

How is lip filler performed?

We host you for one hour for lip filler in our clinic. Within this one hour, consultation is held by your doctor for your lip filler. Structure and amount are decided together and afterwards anesthetic creams are administered to meet operation more relaxingly. After anesthesia is waited about 20 minutes lip filler application is performed.

How much is the duration of permanence of lip filler?

Hyaluronic acid that is available in lip filler is a structure produced naturally by our body, body accepts filling injection immediately for this reason and later it takes months to break and destroy the structure slowly. Depending amount of the injected filling and your life style, your lip fillers take 6 months or 1.5 year.

Does lip filler have any adverse effect?

After lip filler, mild swelling or cyanosis may be seen but this usually disappears within 48 hours. After lip enlargement operation, you can leave from DoctorB Clinic immediately and start to return in your daily or social life.

Lip filler

Lip filler