Moisture Vaccine

Moisture vaccine is an innovative injectable treatment designed to improve skin quality and give moisture to the skin for 9 months to 1 year. As is often the case, this is not a dermal filler, but a skin care with hyaluronic acid (HA). Naturally, it is found in our body, especially in our skin to keep fresh and moist and decreases in the aging process plays a major role. However, approximately one third of total HA is produced daily, but as we age, our body's natural ability gradually decreases. The biggest advantage of the humid vaccine is to refresh this important building block at work. Moisture vaccine is injected into the middle layers of the dermis, where the aim is to pass through many layers of the skin, to feed from the inside out, and in particular to improve the skin quality. Suitable for all ages and skin types, the moisture vaccine can be used on all face, neck, decollete area and hands. It moisturizes the skin very well, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, increases elasticity, smoothes and revitalizes.


What is a Moisture Vaccine?
It is an application designed to improve skin quality, especially for face, neck, décolleté and hands. It has the content of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is naturally present in our body, and it is also an effective solution for skin aging.
What are the advantages of the vaccine?
Moisturizing the skin due to the high water-binding capacity of hyaluronic acid also increases the elasticity of the skin, because HA also stimulates collagen production. Smoothes the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines.
When do I get results?
Since our patients in whom we have applied Moisture Vaccine triggers natural collagen production, our patients are beginning to see the best results in the first month. Your skin will become smoother and more moist, most importantly healthy, refreshed. We recommend that you wait up to 2 weeks on average to see the best results.
Who can get a vaccine?
Those who want to improve the overall quality and radiance of their skin or to add moisture to their skin and to have a healthy image can make it. In addition, those who want to improve some acne scars and those with fine lines can also benefit from the moisture vaccine. If you are pregnant and breastfeeding, we do not recommend the vaccination for this period.
What should I do after the application of moisture vaccination?
You can go back to your social life instantly, we recommend that you do not make up the first 12 hours after the application.
How often can I get a moisture vaccine?
The results of the moisture vaccine are not permanent. Once a year with a regular treatment will maintain the long-term effect.