Nevus, Trace and Crack Treatments

As traces called nevus may be congenital and mostly they may be resulted from staying in the sun without preventive sun cream. At the end of researches conducted, it is known that nevus occurred after congenital nevus also carry cancer risk. As some nevus leads to ugly appearance aesthetically in particular, they lead also to bleeding, inflammation, discomfort in joint areas.

In addition, traces and nevus and cracks occurred on the skin are treated by using different protocols within customized planning in Doctor B Clinic.


Why is trace treatment?

The treatments occurred because of acne or different problems are called trace treatment. Especially scars and acne traces lead young persons to lose self-confidence and experience difference problems about their skin. But the point where this technology gets, we do not treat only acne traces but also treat trace and cracks effectively and we present healthy solutions.

What are the acne traces?

Acne traces are dark-colored and embedded hollows that does not adhere on the skin for a long time after recover of acnes; we can divide them into four because of their images: Small hollow, sharp-edged scars, oval and hypertrophic in other words rugged skin surface that rise because of extreme scar.

What should be done for traces?

Contrary what is believed, all acne scars do not lead to traces when pimples are squeezed. The skin on your face is extremely sensitive and if you are exposed to inflammations, for example when you had cystic acne, hypertrophic acne stains will definitely stay on your skin and cause trace. During this process, it should not be touched the acnes. The skin must definitely be cleaned every day.

Are the traces of acne, crack and nevus permanent?

We can give young and adult persons all around the World a piece of good news. If you have trace, acne and nevus problems intervened on time and treated under correct conditions, it is possible to handle this process without staying any trace.

What are the treatment option for trace?

There are a lot of creams that has succeeded to save from acnes by whitening colorful areas but they cannot close hollows or remove scars completely. While laser, the operation removing scar was increasing collagen production, it repairs surface by softening it. While the filling substances are injected into zigzag areas, chemical peelings regenerate skin layers and it urges to new skin formation and it surpasses the skin. For that reason, there are many treatment options for crack, trace, acne and scar and removing nevus and for the other traces. Those who want to have these operations need to examine these options.

Nevus, Trace and Crack Treatments

Nevus, Trace and Crack Treatments