Non Surgical Buttock Lift

Buttocks aesthetics emerges as a rising trend in the last years. Among the body shaping applications, the most buttock lifting procedure is the most requested one, and it aesthetically benefits the enlargement and shaping of the hips.

Buttocks aesthetics FAQ

What is Buttocks aesthetics?

These are applications that are implemented to give a more aesthetic appearance to saggy or small and shapeless hips. We can implement buttocks enlargement without surgery or operation through today's technology. The fat transfer or the inserted silicone gives the hip the shape desired. If the fat in the patient's body is inadequate, or if implant use is not desired, the filling application is often the best option. At Doctor B Clinic we use AQUAfilling, a hydrophilic gel consisting of 98 % water and 2 % polyamid. Practical application of this non-surgical treatment for body shaping is among the most demanded applications by our visitors.

Who will get buttock aesthetics?

Aquafilling is an practice for buttocks lifting and buttocks enlargement. Individuals who are not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their hips or those who wish to have a more lifted, sticking out and larger hip can go through this. In addition, it is applied as an alternative for those patients who are afraid of surgery or who do not have adequate fat in their body.

How is buttock aesthetics done?

The filling procedure we use for buttocks aesthetics is very simple, it is done under local anesthesia and the patient can return home immediately after application. The patient and the physician initially plan the procedure during the examination and talk on the desired size and shape. A preliminary examination is performed for buttocks aesthetics after listening to the desire of patient and in a way considered appropriate by the physician both in medical and aesthetic ways. The amount of gel filling material to be injected into each hip is decided and local anesthesia is applied to the patient. The process takes an average of half an hour and the patient will have the chance the consequence immediately.

How is healing, the following process and persistence of buttocks aesthetics?

The buttocks filling which is biochemically compatible with human tissue has a slow deformation rate due to the Aquafilling structure and it lasts for up to 4-5 years. There is no possibility of hard fiber capsule formation in this filling which we use in buttocks aesthetics, and there is no damage to the injected region. After the intervention, you can return immediately to your routine activities without any restrictions.