Nose filler

Until a few years ago, when we had an non-aesthetic appearance of our nose, the first thing that came to mind was nasal aesthetic, nor nasal filling, as it was the only option. But with the increase of injectable fillers, now we can change your entire appearance and profile in less than 15 minutes.

Nasal Filling FAQ

What is Nasal Filling?

Nasal filling can also be named as nasal aesthetics without surgery and it is non-surgical and identical with filling materials we use for lips and cheek and it includes hyaluronic acid gels. The application can make the appearance of nose smaller, it can correct curvatures, impacts, collapses and problems at the tip. The practical application is so easy and you can even get it done during lunchtime.

Who should have nasal filling?

The ideal candidates for nose correction without surgery are individuals who had a significant impact on the nasal bridge or who have experienced nasal congenital or age-related falls. By filling the area around the impact we can create a perfect flat nose appearance. At the same time, it is possible to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance by correcting the existing sharp angle by applying nose lift and correction for slightly curved noses. In addition, this practice can be considered as an alternative solution for individuals who are considering nasal aesthetics but who cannot predict how they will be able to do so. Individuals who plan to surgically erect the tip of the nose or flatten the hollowness in the curvature get a better chance of making a decision by first practicing this application in order to understand how it looks.

What are the prices for nasal filling?

Nasal filling prices will vary according to the brand of injectable filling material used, the expertise of your doctor and the quality of the service you will receive from the clinic. At this point, we recommend you to consider the experience instead of prices and to receive help from an expert physician. Whether you plan to have a slightly lifted nose with a nose tip fill or flatten your aquiline or curved nose, the only matter that is valid for all is the necessity of your physician being an expert. Talk to your doctor about his/her experience with the subject and make sure they outline all the potential risks.

How is healing, the following process and persistence?

Like we said, this is a practical process that takes about 15 minutes even during the lunchtime. You can get an additional session with your doctor's recommendation. You can return to your routine life immediately after the process. The application has an average persistence of 1 to 2 years, depending on the injected filler and the factors that vary among individuals.