Plasma Energy

In aesthetic medicine and rejuvenation therapies, Plasma Energy , which works with plasma which is considered as the fourth state of matter, is an application which is used especially in soft skin treatments with its innovative technology. It has a highly sensitive system and is an excellent option for use in areas of the body where radiofrequency, scalpel or other devices such as laser are not suitable without radiating heat to the surrounding areas. Therefore, it can be used safely in many areas such as non-surgical eyelid aesthetics, non-surgical neck tightening, taking, acne and crack marks, rim and eyelid wrinkles.


What is Plasma Therapy?
Plasma treatment is a non-surgical rejuvenation and skin treatment application that is applied with a portable hand device, which allows the contraction, shortening and tightening of the skin fibers without damaging the tissues. Especially non-surgical eyelid aesthetics are highly effective in neck tightening applications. It is also used in the treatment of loose facial skin, scar treatment, I treatment, acne and crack treatment.
What are the application areas of Plasma?
• Non-surgical eyelid aesthetics (non-surgical bepharoplasty), • Tattoo removal. Skin defects and benign lesions including warts, fibromes, pigmentation and sunspots. • Improved scar appearance, including post-operative scars, acne scars and crack marks. • Lines and wrinkles around the mouth. • Non-surgical neck and face lift. • Treatment of active acne
How is Plasma Energy application performed?
Plasma Energy is performed under local anesthetic cream application in an outpatient setting. Mostly, some heat and pain are felt. At the end of the session, the small black / brown burning points in the treated area disappear within a few weeks. Especially in eyelid application, some edema may occur in the eyelids. On the day of treatment, it is advisable not to make-up in the treatment area, which will accelerate the cleansing of the area. When the treatment area sufficiently matches after an anesthetic cream application for approximately 30 minutes to be effective, the application starts with multiple shots of the plasma tip. In the treatment area, you may feel some heat, which may be irritating and a bit painful. The duration of treatment is usually between 10-40 minutes depending on the size of the area.
Does Plasma Energy have any side effects?
After treatment, the eyelids may temporarily swell. This will also pass in 48-72 hours. It takes 4 to 10 days for the carbon shell to disappear after treatment. As long as you are careful not to scratch or rub the area observed as a pinkish skin, you will not have any problems. We recommend that you follow your doctor's recommendations for the area being treated to help heal the healing process.
What are the advantages of Plasma Energy?
Plasma Energy has many advantages over surgery, making it an increasingly popular treatment. There is no cut-off of the skin, ie no suture, and the same day gives you the chance to return to social life. The healing process is also faster than surgery.
How does the Plasma Energy device work?
Plasma is a relatively new innovation in the beauty industry. The highly sensitive tool works by creating a plasma that ionizes the gas particles in the air from the skin. An electric resulting from sublimation, ie from solid to gas, is created. Therefore, the results occur instantly, but also do not transfer heat to the environment. It is extremely safe for sensitive areas.
What happens after Plasma Energy?
You may experience a burning sensation after treatment, but only a few hours, and your doctor will apply a cooling gel to the treatment area. It will give you instructions for care after treatment to ensure you get the best results. You should protect the area of application from the sun and do not peel and rub over the area following the treatment (or until the treatment area is completely healed).
How long does Plasma Energy have?
As with all surgical and cosmetic applications, the effects of Plasma Energy treatment are not completely permanent since they do not stop aging. However, positive results will accompany you for years. In addition, there are lifestyle factors that may hinder the outcome, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and prolonged sun exposure. The positive effects of treatment will occur immediately after the first treatment, but the best results will be seen after three weeks. The number of sessions is determined according to the size of the problem, usually 3 treatments are required at 6-week intervals.