Pore Treatment

Open pores top a list that each individual complains for and skin problems that changes skin from pure and aesthetic appearance. Actually, pores are the points that become specific where hair roots and sebaceous gland that get together. Filling full with dirt because of external factors in particular provide a suitable basis to occur black points. In addition to fatty skin structure, decreasing of collagen tissue with age will extremely trigger specificity of pores. It is possible to tighten large-sized pores. However, the main reason of the problem must be researched and treatment protocol must be planned according to this.


Why do pores open?

Opening of pores may result from decreasing of collagen production on the body too much, extreme masking, cleaning and cosmetic application and genetic reasons. We may observe pored skin structure opened in acne rash developed in young ages from time to time.

How long should Daily care routine of open pores take?

The greatest handicap of open pores is that these pores are filled with dirt resulted from environmental factors and afterwards problems experienced in skin tone and it appears as black point. Those who have open-pored skins also experience problems when putting on make-up and they complain that their skins are not aesthetic. For that reason, we are waiting you in DoctorB Clinic and we recommend you to ask for help what you need to do about your open pores. Secondly, we would like you to stay away from extreme cosmetic applications and use correct products on your skin.

What is the pore treatment, how can be performed?

Pore treatment is administered with many alternative device and application. But the thing is to find the answer for why the pores of person are open. Because if the correct answer is found, the correct treatment option is presented to you and you will get the solution.

Pore Treatment

Pore Treatment