PRP is a treatment that putting available blood cells in our body out, purifying those from tissue-generative substances and placing them into skin. The purpose of PRP is to reach unfeeding tissues via circulatory system and treat skin locally. Skin regenerates and is purified from wrinkles.


What is the PRP?

Deteriorating of skin tissue and its appearance is the sign of impairment of skin, skin components and cells. Aging process affects soft tissue of hands, face and body. Depending on this, prolapse, thinning of the skin, swelling are characterized with wrinkles in the regions called aging points (forehead, cheeks, neck and decollate) and these are typical aging processes. General tissue of skin changes and dryness problem starts to occur. In addition, exposure to sun makes the process extremely worse. Our purpose for you is to return the negative clock to decrease face wrinkles, lines and stains and rejuvenate the body. PRP is making this operation with our own cells. It makes with your plasma cells that are rich in terms of autologous thrombocytes specifically and your own stem cells. PRP which is an aesthetic application is safe and tolerable procedure. It makes this thanks to thrombocytes. Thrombocytes have many functions. When they are secreted, they send very significant growth factors.

PRP is useful in;

- Tissue regeneration - Decreasing of collagen production - Extra cellular matrix formation - PRP does all of those without causing any allergy. PRP is a physiological product that belongs to body. It is not artificial.

How is PRP performed?

Before treatment, 10-20 ml blood is drawn from the patient. This blood is placed into centrifuge. When centrifuge is finished, plasmas are separated. Plasma thrombocytes are combined with growth factor activator and it is injected on different areas of the skin. Thrombocytes start to increase the collagen that can increase skin thickness and general health of the skin.

Mesotherapy can be performed in;

- Optical area - Cheeks and middle face - Neck - Jaw line and sides of face - Top of hand - Low neck - Other body areas

Does PRP has any effect?

Mild swelling, cyanosis and rash may be seen within 12-24 hours.