Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA “Youth Vaccine” is a kind of rejuvenation treatment. It has cellular repair properties to improve the appearance of aging skin. Now we all know that as we get older, our skin relaxes and loses its old young glare, luster, fine lines, unequal skin tone and sagging problem. This starts in the late twenties and can speed up if you have bad lifestyle habits and excessive sun exposure. In addition, changes in hormones can affect the health of your skin, especially when you reach your forties.

Here is one of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments to combat the visible signs of aging, Salmon DNA application offers an effective anti-aging treatment by acting on the biological time with cellular repair properties.


What is Salmon DNA Youth Vaccine?
Salmon is an injectable skin-enhancing injection derived from DNA polynucleotide. It aims to improve collagen synthesis, skin healing and elasticity of the skin for a tighter skin. It also helps to improve wrinkles and fine lines, improve the appearance of matte, irregular skin, and the appearance of acne scars. It has effective healing properties to regenerate skin cells through the skin. When given to the dermis level of the skin (the second layer of the skin), it accelerates cell regeneration and healing, thereby improving the skin's aging and repairing the damaged skin.
Why Salmon DNA treatment?
As a result of clinical trials, this treatment revitalizes the skin and provides new collagen from the native polynucleotide source from salmon. The polynucleotide regenerates collagen under the skin and protects the existing collagen. Salmon DNA Therapy offers innovative and effective solutions and is highly demanded and loved for these reasons.
Who can be done?
It is suitable for most people, but is particularly suitable for those who experience skin aging and those affected by sun damage such as uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity and acne scars. For young adults, skin can be considered a preventive treatment option to slow the aging process.
How is salmon DNA applied?
Minimally invasive treatment is non-surgical. Treatment areas are administered by a series of micro-injections. Topical anesthesia (anesthetic cream) is performed before the procedure to minimize pain or discomfort. Following the procedure, the treated areas may have small injection marks on the skin and very slight bruising and swelling for several days.
What are the sessions?
Your doctor may also apply a different treatment program, but the recommended treatment program is three sessions with each session between four weeks. It takes an average of 30 minutes. It is simple, safe and has no side effects. You can return to your normal social life right after.
Where can I apply?
Salmon DNA Therapy has a wide range of applications and can be applied to all areas of skin renewal: face, neck, tummy and chest, hand, scalp and small cracks on the abdomen after pregnancy DNA The effect of Salmon DNA Therapy lasts about a year; It is a procedure that must be repeated. Salmon DNA Therapy can be applied in all age groups. It is necessary to remind the purpose of Salmon DNA Therapy again: to renew the collagen and to protect the existing collagen and thus to delay aging.