Spider Web Aesthetics

Spider web aesthetics is a non-operative skin beautification technique developed by Doctor B, patented by European Patent Institution. It does not affect social life and is a painless and comforted application performed with local anesthesia. The technique that thin pinned needles are placed under subcutaneous tissue like spider web stretches the skin by increasing collagen production. By reacting melting medical ropes, the subcutaneous tissue that makes its own biological net fixes wrinkles and form losses with the change increasing day by day. The number of rope placement is determined by the rate of skin aging of the person. Spider Web Aesthetics that helps protect natural form of the face without experiencing mimic loss has been accepted as a favorite application that gives most natural expression in case of non-operative beautification operations in recent years.


What is the Spider Web Aesthetics?

Spider Web aesthetics is a skin firming, stretching and rejuvenation treatment that can be performed non-operatively. It is performed with medical ropes called PDO. It is placed under the skin by creating a structure similar to spider web.

How does the effect mechanism of Spider Web work?

The ropes placed under the skin accelerate the collagen and elastin production in the area. The body made its collagen web around the placed ropes and leads to specific accumulation. The increased collagen and elastin facilitate skin reanimation and strain.

How can Spider Web aesthetics be applied?

Firstly, the area where application is performed is cleaned and it is narcotized with anesthetic cream. After the number of rope is determined according to personal needs, the ropes are injected under the skin via fine lead needle.

What age group can have Spider Web aesthetics?

It can be applied in all age group regardless of men or women.

How many sessions do Spider Web Aesthetic need?

It depends on the person’s needs and the current skin status determines this situation. As it can be performed in operating room in one hour, it can also be performed in clinical area in 2-3 sessions.

Which areas can Spider Web aesthetics be applied on?

Spider Web aesthetic can be performed on each parts of the skin. Especially on face, breasts, buttocks, leg and armpit

Can another application be performed with Spider Web Aesthetic?

It can be performed with filling and Botox application especially on face area in accordance with personal needs. In addition, it can be combined with fat transfer in operation room.

What kind of anesthesia method is used?

Spider Web is performed by using an anesthetic cream.

How long does the Recovery Process take?

It is possible to return your work and social life quickly after Spider Web aesthetics.

When does patient realize the results?

It takes 3 or 5 months that body makes its own biological net around the placed ropes. To see final results of application will be at the end of this process. In the combined treatments, it is possible to observe this process with instant changes.


How long does The Effect of Method take?

Care must be taken that the spider web aesthetics is a rejuvenation and recovery process and it will take time. For this reason, it is very important that patient takes good care of his/her skin, drinks water a lot, uses cream, eats healthy food, does not use smoke and etc. Those effects affect the efficiency of the method.

Does Spider Web aesthetics has any complication and adverse effect?

No, it has no adverse effect. Mild rash may happen in sensitive skins.

Spider Web Aesthetics

Spider Web Aesthetics