Under eye filler

For many people, both the young and the elderly, the eye contour, including the eye area, is extremely important. Because the eye environment is the first place where communication is established in our social life and it supports the messages that we will give to the people in the sensory sense. Under the eye shadows will effect the beauty of the face, happy, vigorous, social and beautiful message. There may be many causes of bruises under the eyes. At first, it may seem that our mind is a condition that is related to genetic predisposition and aging. The solution is Under Eye Filler which is made without surgery. This problem, which is also a semicircular bruise from the inner corner of the eye, is also one of the most common problems in this region, also known as a Nazojugal gutter. At the same time, a distinction can occur between the lower eyelid and the cheek, which is an early sign of aging. It is a fact that these channels, which look like a deep tear and distinction, make people look more tired and older than they actually are.
Here we can solve all these problems with Under Eye Filler. Surgically, these problems can be corrected by repositioning the fat in the lower eyelid, while the filling material is made comfortable with a non-surgical and easy healing process. Many patients may opt for a non-invasive approach to prevent the risks and potential complications of the surgery. Under-eye fillers often provide a natural result lasting more than a year.


What is under-eye filler?
Under-eye filler is a hyaluronic acid filler injection. It is a medical procedure that improves the appearance of the tear groove and the eye area. Patients who think of lunder the eye filler often complain of dark circles under their eyes, an empty, tired, sleepless look in their eyes or fat pockets in the lower eyelids. Under-eye filler treatment is performed to give the lower eyelids and cheeks a younger look.
Why are bruises under the eyes and other problems here?
The reason can be connected to many things. It is often of genetic origin. In addition, the skin of the lower eyelid causes loss of volume and tissue laxity due to aging. This can make the bruise more visible by emphasizing the tear canal. Even younger, even younger patients may have this deformation as they age.
Who are the candidates?
If you have dark purple rings in your detention and you also have fat pockets in your lower eyelids and separated from the cheek, you can take advantage of the under-eye filler. Selecting the appropriate patients for this treatment necessarily requires expert opinion.
Is it a painful procedure? Is there a side effect?
No, under-eye filler injections are not painful. Patients are generally worried about the treatment of the eye area, but hardly any discomfort. A slight bruising can be seen after filling, but typically within a week. There are no expected side effects. Most patients are satisfied with the outcome of the treatment.
How long does it take?
The results of under-eye filler treatment vary from patient to patient. However, in experienced hands, the results should last approximately nine months. In most cases, the results last more than a year.