It is customized skin serum. It is most fresh care formulated for your skin and you can only find it in Doctor B clinics in Turkey. With its new concept formulated in accordance with the needs of skin, it opens the doors of perfect skin care and treatment. At the end of clinical studies conducted for a long time, Universkin products formulated in accordance with clinical studies, it provides solutions formulated individually with customized special skin serum. For the concept including effective and 20 active quality substances, he first researches your skin type, medical history, and skin care routine and skin problems. It is determined that which actives are needed for your skin according to your information. After functional diagnosis, customized skin serums are produced with active components which are added in various ranges.


What is the Universkin?

It is a skin care product designed with personalized contents to regulate the skin and protect its juvenility. In its technology, there are nanochemistry, omega 3, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E and biomimetic peptides. With this content, a unique minimalist is used in serum, it provided an effective layer that will able to treat the damaged and inflammatory skin.

Serum that has three active supplies present a personalize content for the patients who have experienced disorders like oxidative stress, wrinkles and prolapses, inflammation, skin barrier disorders, keratinization, hyperseborhea, pigmentation and skin flora impairment.

What are the advantages of Universkin?

-It imitates natural signal of cellular regeneration and it triggers cellular regeneration - It activates protein synthesis of extracellular matrix (collagen, laminitis, and elastin). - It provides recovery on the skin and biotransformation of skin keratinocytes and alpha linoleic acid and omega-3. - It protects and stimulates skin against UVA and UVB-based DNA damage - It helps natural functions back to normal by fixing skin defenses of impaired cells from aging.

Where can I buy Universkin from?

We are making a refreshed serum for you in Zorlu Center Teraseveler DoctorB Clinic.